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From: Swayze Foster

Sunday, November 20 2011

Hello raw food newcomer,

I see this all the time. I read it on forums, I see it posted on blogs, and I get tons of emails about it.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about raw food failure. I’m talking about the progression of the wannabe raw foodist from an upbeat and positive raw food newbie to a morose and downtrodden cooked food binger.

It usually goes something like this…

At first, the beginner raw foodist (let’s call her Talulah) is really excited about going raw. She’s heard all about the amazing raw results people receive and she wants to experience them for herself.

She has read a bunch of books on the subject and frequents all the popular raw food forums. She knows that if she just applies all that she’s learned, she’ll be able to go raw for good and finally have the health and body of her dreams.

And in the beginning, things go pretty well for Talulah…

She’s really enjoying her raw food meals. She’s seeing a marked increase in her energy. She’s losing lots of weight. Her attitude is totally upbeat and positive.

But after only a few short weeks, everything has changed…

Talulah no longer feels satisfied from raw foods and is experiencing constant cravings. Her energy has plummeted and she feels fatigued most of the day. Her mental state has done a complete 180° since her first week on raw; she now feels totally morose and downtrodden.

Before she knows it, Talulah’s pigging out on anything and everything cooked and feeling worse than ever.

And that’s the all-too-common common story of raw food failure. Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth. Many people, no matter how excited they are to go raw, fail miserably. If you’re still reading this letter, you are likely one of these people.

Maybe you’re experiencing your own raw food failure right now!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are plenty of people just like you who are struggling to stay raw and there are plenty of others (like me) who have experienced exactly what you’re going through now.

What’s really important here is the “why”.

Why can’t you cut is as a raw foodist?

Why aren’t you thriving like all the raw gurus say you would be?

Why aren’t you raw, fit, and loving it?

Why You Can’t Stay Raw

There are several factors at play in your success with a raw food diet, but here are the main reasons why so many people fail. I can guarantee at least one of these is a factor in your raw food failure.

Reason #1: Overwhelm

For many people (unlike my make-believe friend Talulah), staying raw isn’t the issue. It’s actually trying to go raw in the first place that’s the problem!

This is because there is just sooooo much information out there about adopting a raw food diet. Just look at all these opposing viewpoints!

One raw guru says…

Eat more fruit!

Another one says…

Eat less fruit!

He says…

Eat more fat!

She says…

Eat less fat!

This raw foodist says…

Stop counting calories!

That raw foodist says…

You must count calories!

One expert says…

As long as it’s raw, it’s healthy!

Yet another expert says…

Not all raw foods are created equal!

So many differing opinions! Who should you believe? Whose raw food plan should you follow?

Rather than make a choice and stick with it, most people do nothing. Their confusion leads to inaction.

And the people who do make a decision on which raw food way to follow usually don’t stick with it for long.

They jump from this plan to that one, based on whatever new raw food book or blog they happen to be reading at the time. They end up going back and forth between cooked and raw foods, eventually abandoning the raw food diet completely.

Reason #2: Misinformation

You would think that a lot of information about going raw would be a *good* thing.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the raw food material out there is completely wrong! Many health conscious individuals, just like raw food wannabe Talulah, are lead down the wrong raw food path.

You won’t hear this from most raw food gurus, but it’s information you need to know. Not all raw food is good food and not all raw food diets are good diets.

Yes, you really can be unhealthy eating a 100% raw food diet!

Instead, you’ll hear that as long as it’s raw, it’s healthy. You’ll be told things like calories don’t matter, there’s no such thing as too much fat, and don’t worry about food combining.

Just eat raw foods, they say!

Unfortunately, this is NOT the way to go raw and achieve your health goals. In fact, it is exactly this misinformation that holds most of the blame for your inability to thrive on raw foods.

Reason #3: Boredom

So you’ve gotten past the obnoxious overwhelm, wadded through the misinformation, and have actually stumbled across a healthy raw food plan that works.

But there’s only one problem…

Your diet lacks variety! You don’t know how to make tasty recipes that are actually healthy and so you’re stuck eating the same foods over and over again. You’re becoming less and less satisfied with your meals by the day.

Ah yes, boredom. Yet another reason why so many people find a raw food diet so terribly impossible to stick with.

Reason #4: Cravings

When I asked the subscribers to my mailing list for the biggest problem that a 30-day raw program could help them solve, here were just a few of the actual responses:

How to get past wanting cooked food.

Cooked food cravings and salty cravings.

The elimination of cooked food cravings. I need to kick the coffee habit again and meats and dairy once again.

How to stop craving hot food.

The craving for cooked food that occurs during the evenings is a major problem.

How to conquer salt cravings or any craving for cooked food.

How to feel satisfied and not crave comfort foods.


The conundrum is clear. Cravings are keeping most people from succeeding on a raw food diet!

And I’m willing to bet my right foot that cravings are keeping YOU from raw success, just like they did for me.

Reason #5: Isolation

Feeling alone is yet another reason people fail to stay raw and I’m sure this one really comes as no surprise.

I mean, let’s face it. There aren’t that many raw foodists around, let alone people who even know what a raw food diet is!

So it’s normal to feel like you are the only raw foodist in the world.

It’s normal to feel like nobody truly “gets” you or understands what you’re going through.

It’s normal to feel isolated when following a diet that very few people even know exists!

While this is all normal, it still stinks and can make staying raw for anyone very, *very* difficult.

What To Do?

With all these seemingly mammoth factors at play, it’s no wonder the vast majority of raw foodists fail to stay raw!

Take me, Swayze, for instance. I was definitely a typical newbie when I first went raw.

I felt overwhelmed and confused. I read lots and lots of different information about going raw and getting healthy and just had no idea where to start.

I didn’t know who to listen to. Everyone had more knowledge and experience than me and everyone seemed to know what they were talking about. I couldn’t choose!

I didn’t know what to eat. Should I focus on fruit? Should I guzzle green juices and superfoods? Should I eat less? Should I just eat as much as I want of any and all raw foods that I desire?

I was bored with my food choices. I didn’t know how to make healthy and satisfying recipes. Whenever I tried, they tasted terrible, so I just stuck with a few different foods that I knew I could eat.

I had massive cravings. I thought I was eating more than enough, but I still felt hungry all the time. Nothing could satisfy my cravings except for cooked foods.

Luckily, I soon learned about the healthy and sustainable raw vegan diet. But I was still having problems. I was bored out of my gourd with the simple food options and I still had crazy cravings all the time.

I just wish something had been available during this time to help me. Not just another book or digital report that I could skim through and then forget. I had enough of those already.

I needed information, yes, but I also needed motivation, encouragement, and support. I needed something interactive that would be there for me and would see me through the most difficult parts of my journey.

I needed something like this…

Rawkin’ Raw Club

Providing the Education, Motivation, and Support You Need to Go Raw, Get Fit, & Live Naturally

Click Here to Join the Rawkin’ Raw Club!

And if you’re still reading this letter, than I bet you need something like this right now! If so, then keep reading…

Why You CAN Stay Raw!

Just because most people fail at going and staying raw doesn’t mean you have to.

By joining The Rawkin’ Raw Club, I will provide you with the education, motivation, support, and encouragement necessary to help you go raw, get fit, and live naturally.

Here’s why:

Reason #1: Obliterate Overwhelm

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the raw food information out there?

Sick of feeling confused about which raw food diet is the right one?

Ready to finally destroy all your doubt so you can go raw and get healthy?

Put an end to your overwhelm, confusion, and doubt when you join my Rawkin’ Raw Club! 

Mere minutes after you become a member, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about THRIVING on raw foods. Just by watching the special bonus presentation, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to get started right away on your healthy raw food journey.

That’s a promise.

Reason #2: Get Informed!

Tired of trying this raw diet after that raw diet, all without experiencing the results you desire?

Sick of being led down the wrong raw path?

Ready to go raw the right way?

It’s time to get rid of your worries!

With your Rawkin’ Raw Club membership, you will learn the right way to go raw from the get-go. You will learn all about the healthiest of all raw food diets and exactly how to put this diet plan into practice in your own life.

This is the same exact diet plan that I myself have followed for years and the one I talk about on my website.

This is the exact raw food diet that has given me amazing health results, including an end to my anemia, chicken skin, and RLS; the best digestion of my life; thick hair; weight loss; deep and restful sleep; and boundless energy!

Reason #3: Say Bye-Bye to Boredom!

Tired of eating the same foods over and over again?

Sick of making raw recipes that taste like crud?

Ready to make delicious and healthy raw recipes that you actually enjoy?

I’m here to tell you that a raw food diet doesn’t have to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have to be tasteless! To prove it, I’ll send you a new raw recipe each week that you’re a member, everything from salads to smoothies to soups!

(I can’t wait for you to try my “Creamy Brocco-hini Soup” recipe. A deliciously creamy AND healthy raw soup? You bet!)

That’s a brand new recipe every single week of the year! How’s that for exciting, tantalizing, and so-totally-not boring? :D

Reason #4: Kick Cravings to the Curb!

Tired of feeling hungry all the time?

Sick of killer cooked food cravings that lead to binges and weight gain?

Ready to adopt a raw food diet that tastes great and abolishes all your food cravings?

No matter what the raw gurus tell you, you do not have to suffer from massive cravings for cooked foods. You CAN and SHOULD feel full and satiated on raw foods.

The Rawkin’ Raw Club will show you how.

By joining, you will learn exactly what it takes to abolish your cravings completely. And all the delicious, nutritious recipes will be sure to keep you completely satisfied and cravings-free.

Reason #5: Become Part of a Community!

Tired of feeling completely isolated when it comes to your lifestyle?

Sick of feeling like the only raw foodist on the planet?

Wish you could get more support on your raw journey and feel part of a community?

You shouldn’t make this change alone. And by joining the Rawkin’ Raw Club, you won’t have to.

That’s because as a member, you will be joined by several other people just like you who are ready to go raw. And you will be able to interact with them directly via the Private Discussion Forum.

And, of course, I’ll be there for you too.

Not only will you receive a new Rawkin’ Raw Newsletter and Video from me every single month, but I will also visit the forum each day to answer your questions and offer my personal support and encouragement.

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And absolutely no subject is off limits! Any and all advanced and “taboo” topics will be covered in-depth.

Here are just a few past, current, and upcoming topics:


Vitamin B12 Myths: Ditch the Dogma

The Dietary Deficiency That is Making You Fat

Fast Fat Loss: The Healthy & Easy Way

The Most Demonized Mineral That You Can’t Live Without

Vitamin D: Is Sunshine Really Enough?

The Step-By-Step Guide to Proper Dental Care

The Dietary Deficiency That is Spiking Your Blood Sugar

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Why video? Because it’s better! I really want you to grasp all of the information I provide and I know it will be so much easier and more fun for you if you have something to watch rather than read.

Who wants to sit down to boring old text when they can sit back and view a video?! ;)


The Rawkin’ Raw Recipe of the Week

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As I said above…

Ah yes, boredom. Yet another reason why so many people find a raw food diet so terribly impossible to stick with.

That’s why the third component of the Rawkin’ Raw Club is all about one thing and one thing only: RECIPES!

Every week that you’re a member, I’ll send you a new seasonal, 100% raw food recipe to tantalize your taste buds.

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Banana Jamwiches

Chilly Cherry Slushie

Persimmon Date Parfait

Spring Fever

Amazing Asian Scoops

Creamy Corn Lettuce Cups

Rich n’ Hearty Veggie Stew

Spring in a Bowl

And as I mentioned earlier, these are not just any old raw food recipes. Your membership to the Rawkin’ Raw Club includes nothing but *healthy* recipes in this program. Healthy AND simple!

Each recipe contains easy to find ingredients, uses little equipment, and is super simple to make and even modify if necessary. And of course, they all taste fantastic!


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You will be given an opportunity to send in all your raw food related questions in advance AND there will also be time to ask questions live during the call.

Can’t attend a call?

No worries! The call will be recorded and emailed to you in mp3 format.


The Rawkin’ Raw Resources Index

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As a raw food vegan since 2007, I’ve got a long list of raw food resources that have helped me go and stay raw and that I use on a regular basis.This list includes literature, produce suppliers, dental hygiene products…even exercise equipment!

That’s why I’ve dedicated this special section of the Rawkin’ Raw Members Area to all of my top raw food recommendations. Everything from books, to kitchen utensils, to body care is included here.

This regularly-updated RESOURCE of raw food RESOURCES is truly an invaluable RESOURCE for your raw success. :P


The Rawkin’ Raw Online Forum

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Now for the “meat and potatoes” of the Rawkin’ Raw Club…the Online Forum!

…or should I say the “veggies and guacamole”…or the “celery and raw tahini”…or the blueberry and banana”… ;)

My point is that the forum is where it’s at. This is where you’ll be able to ask questions and receive support from your fellow Rawkin’ Raw members.

AND…I’ll be there every day to answer questions and support you on your journey to health and vitality!

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All of This for Just $19.99 Per Month?!

Not quite.

This incredibly low price isn’t just limited to the Monthly Newsletter, Video, Recipes of the Week, Live Bi-Monthly Call, Resource Index, and Forum, as fabulous and value-packed as that is. :)

By joining the Rawkin’ Raw Club, you also gain instant access to some awesome extra goodies. Check ‘em out!

The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Way to Go Raw

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As I’ve tried to make clear throughout this letter to you, there is a right way and a wrong way to go raw. 

I know most raw gurus have told you to eat whatever you want as long as it’s raw, but they are utterly wrong.

If you want to achieve optimal health, there are certain rules that must be followed. 

For instance, there are certain foods that should be consumed in abundance and others that should be limited.

This is where The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Way to Go Raw comes in.

In this 84-minute presentation, you will learn all of my top tips for THRIVING on raw raw vegan lifestyle. In addition, you’ll also get answers to several burning raw vegan questions like:

What’s the problem with nuts and seeds?

How much fat is too much?

What about greens and vegetables: How much do I need to eat?

Should I worry about calories?

What about exercise?

If you’re brand new to a raw food diet or have been struggling to stay raw, I highly recommend viewing this video as soon as you login to the members area.


Swayze’s Super Savory Salad Showcase

~Bodacious Bonus #2: MP4 Video~

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Are you sick of drenching your nutritious greens in buckets of oily, salty dressings?

Are you avoiding healthy salads because you don’t know how to make dressings that aren’t bland and boring?

Do you wish you knew how to create delicious raw salad dressings that were actually good for you?

I can definitely relate. I avoided nutritious, mineral-rich greens in the beginning simply because they tasted bland, boring, and disgusting to me.

I always craved a hearty and savory salad at the end of the day, but without lots of salt and fat, it just didn’t taste good to me.

It took me a VERY long time to find even one vegetable-based raw recipe that I enjoyed and this made staying raw very difficult for me.

Today, I absolutely LOVE my super savory salads…so much so that I eat one almost every single day of the year.

And because I know how important it is to get in your greens, I want you to enjoy super salads, too! That’s why I’ve included Swayze’ Super Savory Salad Showcase as part of your Rawkin’ Raw Club membership.

In this bonus video, I’ll demonstrate exactly how to make my most favorite super salad recipe. It’s savory, it’s hearty, it’s delicious, and it’s both easy and quick to make!

With this recipe, you’ll be filling up on veggies and LOVING every bite! :)


Swayze’s Super Green Smoothie Showcase

~Bodacious Bonus #3: MP4 Video~

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Ah, the green smoothie. Fruity, delicious, and a GREAT way to get in those greens.

There’s only one problem…

Many green smoothies don’t actually contain that many greens! We’re talkin’ a handful or two in most cases.

The ones that do contain lots of greens taste like, well…like greens! Plus, many of these recipes contain ingredients that aren’t readily available in most supermarkets.

You know, all those wild greens like dandelion greens, purslane, and lamb’s quarters.

Not this green smoothie!

In Swayze’s Super Green Smoothie Showcase, I’ll show you exactly how to make the most mouth-watering greens-packed smoothie you’ll ever taste.

Seriously, there are 6 OUNCES of greens in this smoothie and yet you won’t even taste them!

If you’re struggling to consume enough tender greens, you absolutely HAVE to try this raw recipe.


What Rawkin’ Raw Members Are Saying…

Don’t just listen to me blather on about how much I think you’ll like my club. Read on for what some satisfied Rawkin’ Raw members have to say:

“You are a godsend in the raw world to me and many others.”

Hi Swayze,

Out of about 30 sources on raw you are at the top. You have a fresh way of presenting the obvious facts about eating according to the way we were meant to eat. Every time I read something of yours or watch a video, I learn something or confirm something. How remakable is that?

You are a godsend in the raw world to me and many others. I’m not just blowing smoke up your pipes! I really mean this. I recommend others to your site and will do so in the future.

I am starting a plant-based nutrition mentoring business this May and will use much of what you have taught me to teach others.

I have returned to raw vegan since last November and it has been smooth sailing in part because of what you do.

Thank you!

Karen Sinclair
Boise, Idaho


“I am so pleased with myself for joining your Rawkin’ Raw Club!”

Dear Swayze,

I am so pleased with myself for joining your Rawkin’ Raw Club! Usually, I’m too busy to keep up with newsletters and such, and I actually become annoyed sometimes with the amount of communications in my Inbox. But your videos, newsletters, emails, recipes, etc. have been so informative and so interesting that I actually look forward to seeing your name in my Inbox.

I’m also pleased that you have generously guided me to other knowledgeable raw (or semi-raw) foodists from whom I can also learn about health-related issues.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the research that you do. I am a very detail-oriented person, and I appreciate the empirical data and the supportive documentation that you include in your articles because it helps me buy into the testimonials and the general message.

I also appreciate your video presentations because they illuminate your sincerity and your dedication to your life style.

Thank you.

Sherina Tiberia
New Castle PA


“I belong to several other raw forums and and clubs. I must say that I enjoy your simple, honest approach the best.”

Hi Swayze,

I hope that this email finds you doing well. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed RAWKIN’ RAW!. I belong to several other raw forums and and clubs. I must say that I enjoy your simple, honest approach the best.

Some of the other programs out there provide great entertainment value, so I’ve started grouping them with other entertainment sites like youtube, etc. Some of the other sites bombard you with so much information (a lot of it not even pertinent to being raw) that I have lost interest.

Yet other sites “preach” against the concepts other GURUs are pushing, yet turn around and sale the same crap in their online stores. That makes it very hard to trust anything that they say. I do understand the need to make money, so I PRAY with all my heart that you are reaching your financial goals without betraying your principles.

Keep up the good work Swayze. I look forward to seeing more of you “IN THE RAW” :)

Marc Simmons


“I like the Rawkin Raw Club newsletter for many reasons.”

Hi Swayze,

I like the Rawkin Raw Club newsletter for many reasons. The manner in which you present the subject matter really catches my attention.

I especially enjoyed the discussion on Fasting since I have experienced fasting long term and short term. The longest water only fast that I have done is 19 days unsupervised. I enjoy short term fasting the most. My favorite is a 36 hour fast where I don’t eat after dinner on day 1, fast on day 2 and resume eating at breakfast on day 3.

Judy Arquette
Logsden, Oregon


“Anyone that follows your approach will heal and thrive.”


I like it. I am surprised more people are not signed up but know they eventually will be when I understand the value. Anyone that follows your approach will heal and thrive. For me personally, it is clear now, with the coaching and using cronometer, I was malnourished, plain and simple. Now, with ample vitamin D, exercise, and this approach, I can do this and will reverse my osteoporosis, I am sure of it.

I have not spent a whole lot of time in the rawkin raw area and await some responses still and would like to learn more about case studies and specific conditions. The easy thing of this food style is, what we are adding to the diet is important but what we are eliminating from the diet is equally important. For me, I am fine tuning a raw diet and eliminating fats and salt mostly, but others, have a lot more work.

We according to nature, what could be better. And, we are blessed to be in the environment that can support this unlike most people in the world.

In the discussions, I would like to learn more about cancer and osteoporosis recoveries. I am into these especially since I deal with cancer patients a lot and myself I have osteoporosis. I also have lots of chrons and colitis and I just can not get them to follow David Klein or Paul Nison, both whom recovered from these conditions with raw foods.

I will continue to think about this and look around more too to give more feedback.

All the best. I look forward to month 2 of coaching, yahoo!!!!!!!

Joe Lucier


“I look forward to visiting the site every day for updates and to just review over and over again all the different sections for support and reinforcement.”

Dear Swayze,

Thank You so verily muchily for creating the Rawkin Raw Club as it has been very great support sofar in so many ways.

To begin with “The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Way to Go Raw” bonus video was very cute and the way you explained everything really made everything very clear and simple and easy to follow and understand with your graphs and facts and pictures and research etc. etc.

Secondly, I liked your bonus videos of how you take your members step by step and in detail of making a “Super Savory Salad” and the different variations one can implement also and then the details of all written below also. Same also with the bonus video of your “Super Purple Smoothie” as I’ve made both the salad and smoothie dozens of times sofar and they are both out of this world delicious. :)

Thirdy. your Resource section is very useful with all of your recommendations, and i have purchased as well as have been given as gifts from good supportive people several of your recommendations and they have all been very helpful lotsa. :)

Fourthly, your Forum area is set up very thoroughly and nicely with all the different sections one can go to for information and support. I very muchly like/appreciate your promptness in responding to all of the posts on there :)

Fifthly, the monthly newsletters in which you have done thorough research on various topics are most very interesting, and then you back them up with a monthly video and question in the forum which is also very interesting and nice too. :) It is also very helpful and convenient to receive an actual physical copy in one’s home mailbox of the newletter every month also.

Last but certainly not least :) are the Bi-Monthly Q & A Calls in which we can personally talk to you as well as send in any questions. Nice to hear your sweet caring voice on the calls Swayze :)

In conclusion, you have thought out the club very well and done an upmost very thorough and caring job. I look forward to visiting the site every day for updates and to just review over and over again all the different sections for support and reinforcement. I view the club as my ‘virtual family’ so to say and you as a very good virtual friend as I feel like I’ve really connected to you in all ways as you are such a caring, down-to-earth, sweet soul to say the least. :)

Thank You again and again and again Swayze many times over and over :)

Many many sweet fruity blessings forever and ever atya ;)

Heidi Lui
Medford, New Jersey


“The Rawkin’ Raw Club is AWESOME!”

Dear Swayze,

The Rawkin’ Raw Club is AWESOME! I am so glad that I came across your web page =) I have been following a low fat raw vegan diet for the past 4 months and I would not have been able to do it without your support.

Coming with a history of disordered eating I really appreciate all the information that you provide through the Rawkin’ Raw Club. You somehow manage to sort through all the confusing information out there about raw food (and nutrition in general) and provide solid well researched recommendations for your members.

You also have this uncanny way of answering the very questions that I encounter along this wonderful raw food journey that I have embarked upon. Until I saw your video about what a ripe banana actually looks like, I was busy creating some major digestive problems for myself :P

Every time I post a question on your forum I receive an answer right away – usually from you yourself – that is well researched and based on solid science. Being the only one amongst my friends and family eating this way, having access to an online community of like-minded people has been a true blessing.

Thank you!


Edmonton, AB, Canada


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1. The Rawkin’ Raw Monthly Newsletter that’s packed with all of Swayze’s top tips, tricks, and know-how I need to thrive on a raw food diet. I also get a professional printed version shipped to my home every month. (PDF & PRINTED VERSION) = $67 Value

2. The Rawkin’ Raw Monthly Video that’s brimming with even MORE info on going raw, getting fit, and living naturally. (MP4 VIDEO) = $97 Value

3. The Rawkin’ Raw Recipe of the Week that’s, well…a new tasty and delicious raw recipe sent right to my inbox each and every week for a full year! (ONLINE ACCESS) = $39 Value

4. The Bi-Monthly Live Q&A Call where I can ask Swayze any and all raw food, fitness, and health questions I have. No worries if I can’t attend because I will also receive a digital recording of each call.  (LIVE & MP3 RECORDING) = $75 Value

5. The Rawkin’ Raw Resources Index where Swayze will let me in on all of her top raw food recommendations, including everything from tasty fruits to informative books and audios, to the best dental hygiene products. (ONLINE ACCESS) = $49 Value

6. The Rawkin’ Raw Online Forum where I can ask questions, answer questions, connect with Swayze and all my fellow Rawkin’ Raw members, and get the support I need to succeed. (ONLINE ACCESS) = Priceless

7. The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Way to Go Raw Presentation where I’ll learn all the major components of going raw the right way. (MP4 VIDEO) = $110 Value

8. Swayze’s Super Savory Salad Showcase where Swayze shows me exactly how to prepare a delicious salad that’s actually savory (no fruity dressings here!) and good for me! (MP4 VIDEO) = $97 Value

9. Swayze’s Super Green Smoothie Showcase where Swayze shows me how to make her very favorite greens-packed smoothie recipe. (MP4 VIDEO) = $97 Value

Total Value of the Program: $631+

What You’ll Pay: $19.99 Per Month!


PLEASE NOTE: Your payment is an automatic billing, meaning that you will be charged once every 30, 90, or 365 days until you cancel. If you are not completely delighted with the content of your membership, you are 100% protected by the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and will receive a full refund, no questions asked.


I Only Ask One Thing From You…

The beautiful thing about my Rawkin’ Raw Club is that so much of the work required to go raw has already been done for you.

You’ve got the nutritious and delicious recipes from the Recipe of the Week, Super Savory Salad Showcase, and Super Green Smoothie Showcase.

You’ve got all the knowledge and know-how you need from the Monthly Newsletter, Monthly Video, and The R.A.W.K.I.N.G. Presentation.

You’ve got the motivation, encouragement, and support from participation in the Forum and Live Q&A Calls.

And if you ever have a question or are confused about something, you can visit the forum anytime to get your questions answered. Or you can send your questions in to me to be answered during the live calls.

But there is one thing that I can’t help you with. There is one component that YOU must bring to the table. This is absolutely necessary if you want your raw experience to be a success.

Without it, you will fail.

What is this one component? It’s your commitment.

You must be totally committed to your success with raw foods. While I’ve provided all the tools, YOU have to make use of them.YOU have to be completely committed to taking action and making a healthy raw lifestyle work for you.

If you are not committed, this members-only club won’t help you. If you are not willing to make going raw and getting healthy a priority in your life, you will not succeed with your goals.

The newsletter won’t matter. The recipes won’t make a difference. Even the forum won’t help you.

These are only tools. You must USE these tools if you want to succeed and stay raw.

So are you ready? Are you willing? Are you completely committed to making the absolute most of your journey to raw food health and vitality?

I knew you were. :)

See ya on the inside,

Swayze Foster

P.S. The Rawkin’ Raw Club is a raw vegan mentor site dedicated to helping you go raw, get fit, and live naturally. Your membership includes a Monthly Newsletter (printed and shipped to your door), a Monthly Video, a Recipe of the Week, a Bi-Monthly Live Call, a Resources Index, an Online Forum, plus a handful of other goodies.

I can honestly say that there is no other members-only club out there like this one. Nothing will help you succeed at going raw and getting fit like my Rawkin’ Raw Club will.

P.P.S. Your payment is an automatic billing, meaning that you will be charged once every 30, 90, or 365 days until you cancel. If you are not completely delighted with the content of your membership, you are 100% protected by the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions, please contact me at

P.P.P.P.S. Just kidding, I’m done. ;)